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How is the laser range sensor used for liquid level measurement?


The liquid level detection can also be divided into two methods: direct accurate measurement and indirect measurement. Direct measurement is the simplest and most intuitive measurement method. It uses the basic principle of the connector to introduce the volume of liquid to the ruler. In the standard observation tube, the height of the liquid level is read through the scale; indirect measurement is to convert the liquid level signal into a related signal for measurement. Using a laser Distance Sensor to measure the liquid level is a new measurement method. It uses a laser to hit the liquid surface, receives the reflected signal, and calculates the distance according to the round trip time of the laser. It is a non-contact, efficient, A method with low cost.

The application of the laser sensor module in the measurement of the liquid level of the oil tank is roughly as follows: the Laser Distance Sensor is fixed above the cylindrical oil tank (either horizontally or vertically), and the distance between the liquid surface and the laser measurement module is directly and accurately measured. The distance is actually the distance above the oil surface inside the oil tank. The relative height of the entire oil tank is known. The exact height measured by subtracting the known height is the actual height of the oil. The bottom area of the oil tank is fixed. The volume of the oil can be calculated, and the density of the oil is constant, and the quality of the oil can be calculated.

The Laser Rangefinder sensor can also work in unattended mode, it has multiple interfaces, RS232, RS485, 4-20MA analog, switching, 0-5V power supply and other functions, and can also be connected to a wireless data transmission module (5000 meters Within the distance), or measurement and control terminal (GPRS), to achieve remote control and monitoring, and all the measurement data can be uploaded to the computer or server within the set time interval, which can realize the rapid storage, search, Compiled, it can display measurement data in real time, draw change curves, etc.

The laser distance sensor must pay attention to the liquid level measurement: 1. Is the liquid relatively clear? If the liquid to be measured is a colorless transparent liquid, the accurate measurement effect may not be good. Usually, a floating plate can be placed in the oil tank. If the diameter of the oil tank is relatively large, it can also be used in the oil tank. A stainless steel thin steel bar is placed vertically, and the floating plate passes through the steel bar and floats up and down along the steel bar, so that the actual effect of accurate measurement is better and the accuracy is high. 2. What is the temperature of the liquid? If the liquid temperature is relatively high, a lot of water vapor will be generated, and the actual effect of accurate measurement is not very good. 3. The ambient temperature of the oil tank, that is, the working temperature range of the Laser Ranging Sensor is generally -10-40 degrees. Of course, if the temperature exceeds this range, it can also work. You need to cooperate with the cooling and heating module.