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The principle of laser range finder

1, using the principle of infrared ranging or laser ranging
The principle of ranging can basically be attributed to measuring the time required for the light to travel to and from the target, and then calculating the distance D by the speed of light c=299792458m/s and the atmospheric refractive index n. Since the direct measurement time is difficult, it is usually measured the phase of the continuous wave, which is called a phase measuring range finder. Of course, there are also pulsed range finder.
It should be noted that the phase measurement is not to measure the phase of the infrared or laser, but to measure the phase of the signal modulated on the infrared or laser. The construction industry has a hand-held laser range finder for house measurements that works in the same way.
2, the object plane must be perpendicular to the light
Usually, precision ranging requires a total reflection prism to match, and the range finder for house measurement is directly measured by smooth wall reflection, mainly because the distance is relatively close, and the signal intensity reflected by the light is large enough. It can be known that it must be vertical, otherwise the return signal will be too weak to get the exact distance.
3, can measure the object plane for diffuse reflection
Usually it is also possible. In actual engineering, a thin plastic plate is used as a reflective surface to solve the problem of serious diffuse reflection.
4, pulse method laser range finder entertainment-grade products can achieve display accuracy of 1 meter, measurement accuracy of ± 1 meter, measurement grade product display accuracy of 0.1 meters, measurement accuracy ± 0.15 meters.
5, the phase laser range finder accuracy can reach 1 mm error, suitable for a variety of high-precision measurement purposes.

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